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We have progams of general information and programs for those intesested in the membership quiz to become members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS® (see "How to Join").

Membership alone in the National Association of Parliamentarians® is not a credential.   However, after becoming a member of the NAP , you may want to pursue your credential as a "Registered Parliamentarian" (RP).

Registered Parliamentarian® (RP®) status demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedure and a thorough familiarity with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. This knowledge helps RPs provide quality instruction to others learning about parliamentary procedure; enables them to respond quickly and confidently to questions and situations that arise during the conduct of business in the organizations they serve or in which they participate; and allows them to quickly find details or supporting documentation of any parliamentary topic.

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS® accredits members that pass a detailed multi-part registration exam. Since this test is currently being revised, check the information of NAP's website about Accreditation

Now you've passed.... and it can be a great thing if you find yourself at a meeting, and you need to rely on instant recall of the rules! AND you can actually find the RONR page reference where that ruling is when asked! The goal, of course, is not just to pass an exam - it's to ensure you have the ability and preparation you need in order to funciton effectively in any meeting of any deliberative assembly.

RP's who also demonstrate added proficiency in teaching and presiding can obtain a certification from NAP as a PRP or Professional Registered Parliamentarian. PRP® status is granted to a Registered Parliamentarian® who successfully completes a Professional Qualifying Course where he or she must demonstrate the necessary competency and skills.

The Professional Qualifying Course (PQC) is offered in conjunction with NAP's Biennial Convention, in conjunction with the National Training Conference, and at other times upon approval of the Professional Development Committee.

A Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) is qualified to assist individuals and organizations in parliamentary procedure that enables the timely and efficient conduct of business. Correct parliamentary procedure is based on democratic principles and respect for the dignity of the individual. They also can be:

  • A professional presider
  • Bylaws consultant
  • Seminar and workshop presenter
  • Minutes taking expert
  • Parliamentary opinion writer
  • Expert witness on parliamentary procedure
  • Convention consultant
  • Agenda planner
  • Election consultant

Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
Josette Kawana, RP, President
info@hsap.org       P.O. Box 10731, Honolulu, HI 96816