Aloha-'Ohana Parliamentary Unit of Hawai'i
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Resources & Aids to Parliamentary Study

How to become a member of the State & National Association of Parliamentarians

Back to Basics - Handling Motions by Steve Glanstein, PRP

The Content & Approval of Minutes, by Dr. William J. Puette, PRP

Nā Lula Hālāwai: A Parliamentary Guide to Conducting Meetings in Hawaiian, by Dr. William J. Puette and Dr. Richard Keaoopuaokalani NeSmith.

Educational Videos on YouTube Produced by the Hawai‘i State Association of Parliamentarians:

About Parliamentary Procedure, from the National Association of Parliamentarians website

Robert's Rules of Order on the official web site of Robert's Rules of Order.

RONR Official Interpretations List on the official web site of Robert's Rules of Order.

Educational Materials on the Hawaii State Association of Parliamntarians website.

Resources in Parliamentary Procedure on Paul McClintock, PRP's website.

Parliamentary Resources on the Parliamentary Consultant Jim Slaughter's website.

Parliamentary Procedure Info. on the Parliamentary Consultant Dr. John A. Cagle's website.

NAP Owl Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center

American Institute of Parliamentarians