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Do you have an important meeting?
Is there a crucial vote?
Are you a new member to a board of directors
.... and need to get up to speed quickly?

If it's important, a parliamentarian can be a life saver. Some of the services and activities that our members of NAP and HSAP offer are:

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Consulting services - a large part of our service to clients and organizations

  1. Coaching, practice and preparing scripts for presiding officers

  2. Preparing agendas and planning strategy (before, during and after your meeting)

  3. Explanations on proper parliamentary procedure

  4. Assisting in the execution of procedurally correct elections

  5. Serving as a professional parliamentarian at meetings

  6. Written parliamentary opinions/consulting on bylaw revisons and properly worded amendments

  7. Presenting talks on parliamentary procedure and conducting workshops and seminars of 2 - 6 hours for leaders and members of organizations to improve meeting skills.

Education - assisting interested individuals and groups learn more about parliamentary procedure and why it is important in any organized assembly.

HSAP has professional parliamentarians that can assist you and your organization's needs. Check out our page of parliamentarians registered here in Hawaiʻi.

1. Become a Registered Parliamentarian - here's how

2. OK, I'm Registered, now what? - Professional Registered Parliamentarian! find out more here.


Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
Rachel M. Glanstein, PRP, President
info@hsap.org       P.O. Box 10731, Honolulu, HI 96816