Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
                                                   ʻAhahui Loea Lula Hoʻomalu o Hawaiʻi

                                                    A Constituent Division of the
                                                NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS®



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About HSAP

The "Hawaiian Parliamentary Law Association" was founded 1953 in the Territory of Hawaii.    In 1961 this association was received as the official state constituent into the
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS® and beacme the Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians.    NAP is divided nationally into eight districts and HSAP is part of District 8.

See the article about HSAP in National Parliamentarian (3rd Quarter, 2014)

We have about 80 members state-wide many of whom belong to one or more of our 3 local units on O‘ahu or may be "members-at-large" (members of NAP and HSAP, but belonging to no local unit). The local units meet more often than HSAP and their focus is primarily on education. They actively promote interest in parliamentary procedure in their community and the opportunity to exchange ideas & experiences. The local units encourage all members and guests to participate in discussion and the various educational "practice" lessons provided by unit members at the monthly meetings.

    HSAP Goals:
  • Promoting the study and correct use of parliamentary procedure and the educational programs of NAP at a state and local level.

  • Delivering education on parliamentary topics to our community and developing HSAP members' skills. We also actively support, encourage and assist those who are interested in becoming registered parliamentarians, and professional registered parliamentarians.

  • Assisting organizations and individuals to find professional parliamentarians to help them with any procedural parliamentarian problem they may be faced with.

  June Asato, PRP
Vice President 
  Rachel Glanstein, PRP

  Josette Kawana, RP

  Ron Mobley
Immediate Past President 
  Dr. William J. Puette, CP, PRP

Committee Chairmen and Appointed Officers     
Program Committee 
  Rachel Glanstein, PRP
Bylaws Committee 
  Heather Murakami
Education Committee 
  Dr. Wm. Puette, CP, PRP
Legistlative Committee 
  Steve Glanstein, PRP
Publicity Committee 
  Rachel Glanstein, PRP
Membership Committee 
  Vanessa Ott
Nominating Committee 
  John Brewer

HSAP Bylaws: download or view them here

HSAP Standing Rules: download or view them here

Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
June Asato PRP, President
info@hsap.org       P.O. Box 10731, Honolulu, HI 96816