Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
                                                   ʻAhahui Loea Lula Hoʻomalu o Hawaiʻi

                                                    A Constituent Division of the
                                                NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS®



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How to Join HSAP

1. There is a basic membership exam you must pass to become a member of NAP & HSAP. It is 40 questions based on the first 11 chapters of the 2nd edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief. A minimum score of 70% is required.

. The membership application will specify a paper exam or an online exam. You may download the appropriate form "Application Form-Paper Exam" or "Application Form-Online Exam" from the Documents section of the NAP website, or you may request it from NAP Headquarters. A bound & printed version is available for sale from NAP and includes the application form as well. Their toll free number is (888) 627-2929.

3. Many of the HSAP members are ready to help you study for your test as well as be available to serve as your proctor. Contact our President, or any of our officers on our "About HSAP" page and if you are interested, come to a local unit meeting and meet our members. We enjoy seeing new faces and invite all to attend.

4. You've studied and you are ready to take the test.... now what? You need to send in your application with a check for your dues to NAP & HSAP. The NAP dues are prorated after January (see the chart on the application form) and the HSAP dues are an additional $10. You can also fax it in with a credit card payment. Your proctor receives the test and you take it on the pre-specified day that was stated on your application.

5. There is no time limit, but the average time it takes to complete this test is a half an hour.

Hawaiʻi State Association of Parliamentarians
June Asato PRP, President
info@hsap.org       P.O. Box 10731, Honolulu, HI 96816